• Care and Maintainance

    Sondre saturated his skis in sheeps fat, scraped soot from the pots and rubbed it in for colour!! 
    When the tar wears off the base of the ski, white patches begin to appear, normally tip and tail first. This will happen quite quickly on new skis until they are run in…… and/or if you are skiing in very coarse snow. Brush the tar on to these white parts. Use heat to melt it into the base. A naked gas torch (making sure to keep the flame moving) or a hot air pistol will do. It is better to use heat to get the tar to penetrate the base of the ski. Heat in and wipe of the surplus tar with an old cloth. It is not difficult or complicated and certainly easier than Sondres method!

    Summe storage
    -Use spacers to hold tips and camber under slight pressure.
    -Store in a cool even temperature – not a warm loft or a damp cellar