• Old style ski sticks (Lurk)

    We also make the traditional Telemark stick (Lurk). You are able to get this in different variants, including; a dragon head, cup or a Viking head at the top of the stick.

    The traditional Telemark stick is crafted in ash shaped on a lathe. Ideal for use on piste and touring where lifts are used to gain height.

    The hand shaped birch sticks are seasoned and dried over many years with a variations of top fitting:

    -Cup and drinking vial option.

    -Shaped top with drinking vial option.

    -Dragon head with drinking vial option.

    -Hand carved head without drinking vial option.

    Looking back at the history of sking, one stick (Lurk) was used all the way up to 1880’s. From the turn of the century it was more popular to use two ski sticks.

    The ski stick (Lurk) is ideal in wooded terrain and rolling open decents with the days wax working well. We are currently working on a type of basket giving better support in deeper snow.

    Different options of the old style ski sticks.
    Old style ski basket at the bottom of the ski pole.

    Old photograph`s show us that when Nansen went on skis over Greenland in 1888, they used one stick and when Amundsen went to the South Pole in 1911/12, they used two sticks.