Sondre Norheim

Sondre Norheim – The father of modern skiing.

Sondre revolutionized skiing in many ways. He made the first experiments with ski equipment that we still use today. He was the first to use heel bindings, so that his skis stayed in place when he skied at his most reckless pace. He used waisted skis, so that it was easier to turn with them around trees and on steep slopes or at the bottom of the ski jump. A remarkable skier. It was Sondre who with the help of his new equipment, placed the steering ski in front of the other one in deep powder snow, so the unexpected hillocks or drops were easier to ski over. With bent knees and always ready to face new obstacles with new techniques, he introduced a completely new way of skiing that could be practiced in all sorts of terrain – TELEMARK SKIING. The method he practiced was so ingenious that we have today gone back to it’s origins in Morgedal and are witnessing a re-birth of the type of cross country skiing that was based on the idea of Sondre.
Sondre was born on a little tenant farm of Øverbø in Morgedal, in the summer 1825.