Maxi skis for use.

These skis are made from ash using either “kant”-wood which means that the grain runs the whole length of the ski in “lines” or “flask”-wood (see picture below).

Intended use
These skis are ideal in cold deep snow and breakable crust. They are not fast in temperatures around zero or above. Also, because of their width and no metal edges, they are not suitable on ice and hard packed downhill slopes. And please note that they are not jumping skis.
The skis are 235 cm for men and 225 cm for ladies.

Skis for decoration

We use “flask”-grain , which gives a more rounded and decorative look.

Old style ski stick – single ski pole – “lurk”

The hand shaped birch sticks are seasoned and dried over many years with a variation of top fittings.

  • Cup and drinking vial option.
  • Shaped top with drinking vial option.
  • Dragon head with drinking vial option.
  • Hand carved head without drinking vial option.

The lurk made using a lathe (seen center in picture below) are made from ash – no variations in top fittings.

Suitable for light touring/not steeper ascents where two ski sticks and skins are more suitable. Ideal in wooded terrain and rolling open descents with the days wax working well. We also have different types of baskets giving better support in deeper snow.

Souvenir skis + sticks

Models ranging from 56 cm – 96 cm.
All models comes with a “vidje”-type binding made i scale to the skis.
Also available “lurk” in scale to the skis.
For the 56 cm model it is also possible with a stand.
All models can be rose painted for an extra price.