The design

Picking up the local design

The first ski
It was on old custom in Telemark that skis should have a high upturned tip with a long curve, making a remarkable difference in loose snow. The long curve puts the loose snow underneath - "brings up" the ski - while a more sharply curved ski pushes the snow in front of it. In addition, in wooded country it is easier to pass over roots, branches etc. with gently curved skis.
The lines - decoration - on the top, was again Sondre's idea.
After finding one single ski - it had a long curved tip, a large spoon shaped front, a big inswing 10-7-8 cm - I just had to try such a pair. This is more than 25 years ago and we are still producing this model.
Taking this ski to Holmekollen ski museum, it was dated at around 1860. A ski from the northern Telemark area. From talking with old ski makers, gaining their knowledge, I was able to produce this beautiful shaped ski.