Maxi skis - for use or decoration

Which wood

In olden days each ski maker used the wood found in his area, in Telemark ash, birch and pine was most frequently used. Next to elm skis, ash skis have always been considered the fastest. Good elm is very hard to find and the wood tends to move, twist or warp. Ash is much more stable and a lovely wood to work with.

Intended use

These skis are ideal in cold deep snow and breakable crust. They are not fast in temperatures around zero or above. Also, because of their width and no metal edges, they are not suitable on ice and hard packed downhill slopes. And please note that they are not jumping skis.
The skis are 235 cm for men and 225 cm for ladies and made of ash.

Skis for decoration

We can make the traditional "vidje"-binding (Sondre-bindings),
ideal for decoration for the wall in your hut.

Souvenir skis

Souvenir skis, models of the original (miniatures) are also available in different sizes. Ideal gifts and/or for the wall.

Old style ski stick - single ski pole - "lurk"

We make different types of old style ski sticks

The traditional Telemark stick (no. 3 from left in picture). Also more individual sticks with either a dragon head, cup or head at the top of the stick.

The traditional Telemark stick is crafted in ash, shaped on a lathe, 150 cm, 160 cm and 170 cm long. Ideal for use on piste and touring where lifts are used to gain height.


The hand shaped birch sticks are seasoned and dried over many years with a variation of top fittings.

  • Cup and drinking vial option.
  • Shaped top with drinking vial option.
  • Dragon head with drinking vial option.
  • Hand carved head without drinking vial option.
Suitable for light touring/not steeper ascents where two ski sticks and skins are more suitable. Ideal in wooded terrain and rolling open decents with the days wax working well. We are currently working on a type of basket giving better support in deeper snow.